India's 1st design magazine

These are some spreads from the earliest issues of India's first design magazine which I designed soon after moving to Mumbai in 1977. 
Sean Mahoney was the editor and Nira Benegal, asst editor.



  1. Great! The Goopy Bagha images are fascinating! Any idea if production design work of rays films have been published into a book? Prosenjit.

  2. Thanks Prosenjit,

    I am not sure. Satyajit Ray's story boards, as you can see, used to be very detailed - his sketches would be converted and turned into sets by Bansi Chandragupta (if my memory serves me right). His drawings were very close, down to the finest detail, to the actual thing, the man was a master...

    I think his manuscripts have been preserved by his son.

  3. Amazing images, thanks so much for sharing (and for designing them in the first place!). I arrived here following a few links from the article on David Tudor in East of Borneo -- glad I did!